Super Simple Serving Suggestions

for Successfully Eating Farmer's Gold All Season Vegetables

Honey Olive Oil Dressing

This staple dressing mixes well with any leafy green. Mix the following:

Fresh Parsley Salad

Toss everything together. Add Honey Olive Oil Salad Dressing, just before serving. About ˝ of recipe is sufficient.

Fresh Mizuna and Grated Beet Salad

Honey Roasted Carrot(s) with Chervil

Preheat oven to 400. Wash and peel carrot(s) Make slits on carrot, brush on a little coconut oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast for thirty to sixty minutes depending on the size of the carrot. During the last five minutes of roasting, remove from oven, generously drizzle honey on and in carrot and sprinkle generously with chervil.

Gourmet Omlette with Chervil

Coarsely chop 3 cups spinach per person Beat 3 farm fresh eggs per person with some milk. Melt ˝ tablespoon butter per person. Add the chopped spinach and sauté a very little bit. Add eggs and let them cook slowly. Salt and pepper over everything. Crumble ˝ ounce feta cheese over eggs. When eggs are almost set, snip the chervil leaves over everything. Note: chervil is a French herb with a very mild fennel/anise flavor. It is delicious with eggs. So is sheep feta.

Juiced Vegetables

Put through juicer:

Juice each vegetable then whisk all together. OR just juice Carrot and ginger root.